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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Get a REAL Sandwich-ful at Subway

Have you ever watched your sandwich being made at Subway, noting the one olive slice on top of each of the two pickle and tomato slices, and thought what a cheap imitation this sandwich is?
The magic Japanese is:
Yasai wo tappuri ni shite kudasai.
Just say this when they are making your sandwich, and they'll load it up with vegetables! At no extra charge....

Online Medical Resource

There are no doubt others, but Mayo Clinic Online has been a great help to me more than once.
I look stuff up in English before I visit a Japanese doctor, so I can get an idea what they might be talking about.
It's great for first aid, too. My son burned his hand as I was about to leave one day. In less than five minutes I had a list of do's and don'ts for the wife.

Dr. Unno- Fuji area Dentist

There is an excellent dentist -Dr. Unno- I've used many times in Matsuoka (Fuji), diagonally across the intersection from the Potato supermarket (towards the ocean from Jumbo Encho, towards Shizuoka from Fuji Central Library/International Lounge). He and his staff don't speak any thing but Japanese, but are very good communicators nonetheless.
Not being on Japanese national health insurance was not a problem; in fact, the prices were very reasonable. I got a receipt and submitted it to my insurance provider (or not, depending on the price/situation).
Here is a map/picture of the location-